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Online Claim Status

Online Claim Status

Claims with line-item detail are available to registered BlueNet providers.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is offering providers two new solutions for electronically preparing and submitting claims that:

  • Promote clean claim rates and turn-around times
  • Accommodate large offices or a single user
  • Reduce the amount of paper and postage
  • Reduce administrative time

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Choose the solution that best fits your needs

Availity and PC-ACE Pro32 allows physicians and other health care professionals to streamline their billing process while reducing paperwork. Get started today!

PC-ACE Pro32 Availity
PC-ACE Pro32 is an easy-to-use software system that allows the entry of claims for BCBSAZ (local, out-of-area and FEP), Medicare, Tricare and commercial. The system delivers consistent editing to promote cleaner claim submittals.
Availity supports Web-based claims submissions with multiple payers to help streamline workflow, improve clean claim rates and improve turn-around time.
  • Software can be downloaded and installed at no cost from the BlueNet provider portal
  • All system updates are available from BlueNet
  • Maintains information from payers, providers, patients and facilities from large offices to a single user on a PC
  • Context-sensitive selection lists, dropdown boxes and mouse-over descriptions promote increased claim entry accuracy and efficiency
  • Automatic code validation helps users enter the most current code values
  • Can import ANSI version 4010A1, print image and NSF versions 3.01 and 6.0 claim files
  • Supports both Web-based HIPAA transactions via the Internet and EDI
  • Supports multiple leading health plans
  • Encompasses a variety of administrative and clinical services
  • Share information seamlessly with practice management systems, hospital information systems and other payers.
  • Field-level edit validation and real-time claim editing provides immediate user feedback that minimizes rejected claims
  • One of the nation's largest EDI clearinghouses

NOTE: The clearinghouse operated by BCBSAZ is not a clearinghouse as defined by HIPAA. The BCBSAZ clearinghouse will not translate electronic transactions sent from a non-standard format into a HIPAA standard format or from a HIPAA format into a non-standard format.